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Distracting myself from what's up

Today I've been on my home forum, Gaia, for exactly 5 years. It's only fitting that when I have a dumb holiday in my life like this, I accidentally sleep until 4. I do feel quite rested though!

My boss isn't giving me many hours at all. Seriously. I don't work again until Sunday. So, I'm going to do my best to concentrate on Otakon, because it really is coming up soon, and I need to get cracking on costume stuff because! I decided last night that I'm not going to make a new claw after all, and I'm going to (attempt to) make a second costume instead. While still finishing my Rikku wig, targe, and re-vamping the old claw, of course.

I got the idea for it when I was bored last night and not too much feeling like playing Guitar Hero, so I pulled out my only other enjoyable video game, Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup. It reminded me that I've actually been meaning to cosplay someone from it for a few years now. So, I'm going to get going as fast as I can on Parkin, who is England's non-canonical Seeker. Last night I used Amazon for the first time in my life (and it wasn't confusing or hard to sign up! Stupid effin' Ebay) and ordered a standard Halloween costume-grade aviator hat and goggles, because I need them before I can buy matching pleather for the shin guards/arm guards/shoulder pads/etc. Honestly, I figure, even if I don't end up finishing the costume in time, I've always wanted a hat like that anyway. I'm just basically crossing my fingers that the hat will be made out of some kind of leather-ish material (at least suede if not pleather!) so it won't look completely  stupid next to the rest of the costume. Bleh, whatevs.

So, soon I need to go shopping for white shorts, a white mock turtleneck, and some kind of red shirt/fabric, so I can get cracking on the non-armor parts of the outfit. I may even start tonight, who knows. I prolly will take 2 Benadryl and go to bed around like 1:30 to ease myself back into a more logical sleep cycle though.

There was something else I was going to say, but I forgot what it was. Oh well.

"Tell me a story?"

I wrote this epic for Jordan in AIM, completely making it up off the top of my head as I went along. Enjoy.

    Once upon a time, there was a magical fairy who lived in magical Fairyland.
  She woke up one day, and realized that there was a clingy suctiony spore thing living on the middle of her back where she juuuust couldn't reach it.  So, she went to see her friend, who was the strongest of all the boy fairies.  But when he touched the spore thing, his hands instantly melted off in a green, bubbly goo.

    So then, the fairy decided to journey to go see the magical oracle on the very top of the magic mountain.  The handless boy fairy went off to the human world to get a job or something.  So, the girl fairy climbed the mountain, and it took her many days of hot sun and turmoil.  When she got to the top, she realized that she kinda could have flown up the mountain and it would have been easier, but oh well.

    So, she made her way to the oracle's magical little shack of magic and mystery.  But, just as she got there and was about to knock on the door, the blob on her back spoke to her for the first time.

    "Why do you want to be rid of me?" it asked.

    "Well," said the fairy, "you're kind of gooey back there. And you melted a guy's hand off!"

    The spore frowned. "I didn't mean to. I clung to your back in the first place because my family kicked me out of our blob home."

    Suddenly, the fairy felt very bad for the blob. So, she decided that as soon as the oracle got it off of her, she would dedicate her life to finding it a new home.  Just like Lilo in Lilo and Stitch the series.

    The oracle was puzzled by her plight.  "It has been many many moons since I have seen such a blob," he said. "And the only way to get it off is by singing it the most beautiful song that mankind ever wrote."

    "What song is that?" asked the fairy.

    "Sadly, no fairy actually knows," the oracle said, and then mysteriously disappeared.

    The fairy was discouraged. but as she felt the spore blob’s little tears streaming down her lower back, she knew that she could never give up.  Pulling out her fairy cell phone, she made contact with her friend the strong handless dude, and planned to meet him in the human world.  When she got there, her friend was, conveniently enough, working at a record company.  So, they started going through all of the company's files or whatever to try and figure out what song is the best one ever.  After a few days, the fairies and the blob feared they may never find it, as it turned out that many bands over the years had claimed that they had the best song ever.

    One day, it so happened that a small child came to the record company to get a record deal.  The guy who ran the record company was asleep at his desk for some reason, so the fairies came out to talk to the little child.  They couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, but since little boys have girly singing voices anyway, they figured it didn't matter.

    "Zomygod," said the child, "you guys are totally fairies. I mean, look at you, you're tiny and you have wings and antennas and junk!"  The child continued, "My parents are allergic to everything, but I bet not magic. I would do anything if it would mean I could keep one of you as my pet."

    "If you can tell us what the best song in the world is, then you can keep my no-handed friend here as a pet," said the girl fairy.

    "Wait--hey!!" said the boy fairy.  But no one cared what he wanted.

    The child stood there and thought for a moment.  "I think the best song is probably one that you make up, from your heart!" it said.

    Touched, the fairy decided to try it.  She got out a little fairy microphone, and sang a song as it came to her, believing in herself greatly.  "You are a blob on my back," she sang, "and I wish you were a happy blob that is not on my back, and that way you would not be such a pain in the neck. Back."  As she sang, more fairies that had been living in little nooks and crannies came out and began to play instruments to it.  Even the strong fairy dude had a little set of bongos that he played with his stumps.

    And then the heavens opened up, and a rainbowy beam of light shone down on them, with an angelic choir singing and everything, and a mystical unicorn appeared.  The unicorn said, "Your song has made the world a better place, little fairy.  For that, I will fix all the problems in this dumb story."

    The unicorn then gently pried the blob off the fairy's back with its horn, made the boy fairy's hands grow back, and revealed that the child was indeed a girl.  As the two fairies made out like crazy and the child skipped merrily along home, the blob looked up at the glorious unicorn and asked, "But where shall my home be?"

    The unicorn looked up from re-writing the story from the beginning, and said, "Easy.  You can live with my favorite human, little Jordan Ducharme." 

    So, the blob rode on the unicorn's back to Jordan's house, where it had set up a little tiny bedroom that was attached to Jordan's cat's back, like one of those little rooms on an elephant.  And all day long the blob lived the sleazy life, and the unicorn flew away into the magical unicorn land again, and all was well. Also the fairies went back to Fairyland and got married with an X-men themed wedding.

        The end!! <3

New news. Somewhat interesting.

(Copy-pasting this entry that I made today in my Gaia journal because, hey, why write about the same stuff twice?)

I have the new love of my life, and it is my new armadillo plushie that came to me from Texas. I have named her Brianna, and she is my love. I know that she's a girl because she has a baby armadillo plushie velcroed inside of her. Yeah, I think it's kind of weird that it's pregnant. But if I leave the baby inside, I don't have to think about it. The baby's name is Tim. <3

I watched 27 Dresses today, by way of the McDonalds redbox which I'm starting to like more and more. Seriously, I think pretty soon here I'm going to be officially addicted to the thing. The movie was ok. There was this one really great line, where Jane was told by Peter that he doesn't really like weddings even though he writes beautiful newspaper articles about them, and Jane said, "I feel like I just found out that my favorite love song was written about a sandwich!" I lol'd so hard. That is one of the cleverest lines I have ever heard. Other than that though it actually wasn't extremely well-written, and had one of those el-generico chickflick plots. Mainly I was just shocked that no deadly eyebeams exploded out of Peter at spontaneous moments.

I still can't find a job because I refuse to apply at a fast food restaurant, so I've been chilling around and planning my costume for Otakon way way WAY in advance, like I have no reason at all to get started this early but I am because what else am I going to do? It turned out that I really couldn't think of a new costume to make this year, so I'm revamping Rikku like I said I might last year. I ordered a wig, but in the meantime I was thinking, and I decided that instead of remaking the orange arm thing and repainting the claw I already made, I'm going to go ahead and make an entirely new weapon. And I figured, if I'm going to make a new weapon, I might as well make the best one in the game. So I'm making the Godhand. Because I'm apparently suicidal.
Today I started drawing up some pattern sketches, and this thing is going to be insanely hard to make. @-@ I don't think anyone else has ever done it though, so if I can pull it off it should be pretty hardcore. What mainly irks me about it is that I'm going to have to design it in a way that it can easily come on and off (so I can do things like go to the bathroom and dig through my bag), and my arm can't be completely bare underneath, so if I feel like not wearing it for a few hours, I won't look like part of my costume is missing. Gahh. I'll figure it out somehow.

I already did some little fix-its that the rest of the costume needed, like stitching down some parts of the boots that were effing Scotch taped on, splitting the sides of the shirt open and re-attaching the buckles so that they're actually facing the right way, and shortening the fingers on the glove. I'm getting pretty handy with a needle and thread, I must say!

Also, Banana Phone has been stuck in my head all day. Damn that amazingly epic song. Damn it to hell. And now, I'm off to do more stuffles.

What if I don't want to be a goat?

Seriously, man...there's a little ad up in the corner of this page...with a picture of a goat...that says "Bahhhh...Be a Goat!" and NOTHING ELSE.  I'm totally not going to click on it, but what the hell is that about?  Also it took me an eon to find the link to add a new entry.  This place hurts my soul.

I saw Iron Man this evening (well...yesterday evening, it's 2 AM, isn't it?).  It was quite good, quite good!  I won't spoil anything like I usually accidentally do, but the ending had a bit of an annoying plot hole to it...but other than that I enjoyed it through and through.  It's not every day I see a movie where I honestly think that no one character was miscast.  I was looking at Robert Downey Jr's IMDb though, and dammit, he was Charlie Chaplin in that Chaplin movie that I still want to see the whole thing of.  It was horrendously unfair of Chris to show us that 5 minute clip from it, because now I have no idea how to find the stupid thing to watch the rest.  I want a hotline that I can call to request movies for On Demand.  "Hello, yes, TV?  There are a few movies that I'd like you to make available for me, thanks."  Oh, the convenience that that would be!

In other news, my friend who works at the theater got she and I (wait....she and me? Me and her? I hate that damn I/me grammar rule) into Iron Man for free, and she said she'll score me the big stand-up WALL-E from the lobby once they're done with it, since I like it so much.  That thing is going to look sweet in the apartment!  I can't wait.  And I hope the thing actually fits into my dad's SUV.

Hello Livejournal

I'm not so much into writing in a journal while I'm like not at school.  But it's raining and thundering outside and I really don't have anything better to do right now, so I can try.  

Yesterday I was walking around my basement and I fell sideways off of this rolled up carpet that's down there, and my ankle got bent really weirdly.  That was really painful, and today it hurts a bit.  It's one of my weirder traits, but I actually like getting mildly injured.  Not for like...pity, but because I like having something wrong with me so my body isn't so boring.  It's dramatic, almost.  Like how deaf characters are 100% of the time more interesting than non-deaf ones.  Or how you want to know more about someone with a big old scar all over their face!  And how limping is kind of fun.

I'm not so much doing anything these days.  It's really hard to get a random summer job when you don't have connections like I did last summer.  It seems like no one is hiring, and now that high school is going to get out in a few days it's going to get even harder.  Our neighborhood Blockbuster is such a butt.  I go in there like, "Hey, are you hiring?" And the guy goes, "You apply on the website!"  So I went and did that, and they totally aren't going to hire me, because I get the feeling that they aren't hiring.  Wouldn't it have just been easier for the guy to tell me that they weren't hiring, instead of setting me up for disappointment?

Speaking of Blockbuster, I rented Muppet Treasure Island and watched it for the first time.  Then I watched it again with the commentary track, and then the next day I watched it again normally.  And I think today I'm going to watch it yet again.  Chloe's been nagging me about how good it is for practically my whole life (because, seriously, it's not like I have many real memories of prior to 1996), but I never really got around to renting it until just now 12 years later.  It's so good! That cabin fever sequence was epic.  Like, the kind of thing where you turn to the person next to you and say, "They just don't make 'em like this anymore."  Next time I'm on a boat for more than like 10 minutes, I'm totally going to stand up all wiggly and shout, "I've got the madness!!!" just because that's such a great line.

I had one o' them thar arr-tarded dreams last night.  It was the kind of dream that was really a simple little sequence of events, and then it just sat there and repeated itself like 5 times.   Do you ever have those?  I don't remember it though.  It's sad, I forget my dreams every time.  I don't know why I ever even bring it up.  For some reason it's fun to go up to people and say, "Man, I had a wacky dream last night," when that's all I have to say about that and it leaves the other person sort of hanging.  It's not my fault that I  forget them like whoosh!it'sgone all the time.  Or maybe it is my fault.

You know what's dumb?  How when we were kids, Blockbuster receipts said on them "Be kind, rewind!" and nowadays, you know what they say?  "Be kind, return on time!"  That doesn't even rhyme, and when I have kids I'm going to complain about it to them every time we go to Blockbuster to get some futuristic Blu-ray Mystical Lazor Files.  Or Purple-ray, or Blak-ray, or whatever is going to replace Blu-ray in 20 or 30 years.  I fear the future of movies.  By that time, the standard length for epics is probably going to be 7 or 8 hours.  And, of course, I'm sure they'll have smell-o-vision by then.  Mmm, the smell of rotting flesh in crisp, clear HD.

I'm out of things to say really...but it's still raining.  You know how on the butt-end of a nasty storm, you look out the window, and it looks like the rain stopped, but then you kind of cross your eyes and look at a tree or something and you can see that it totally still is raining, just really finely?  I dislike that.  We're starting to have brown-outs, though, so I'll be quiet and junk.  

P.S. I like how when you hold your mouse over your icon at the top of this page, it says "This is you."  That's great.  Gaia Journals never gave me that kind of self-identifying quality!



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